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Rick offers these Book Club Questions to interest readers of The Doctor and Mr. Dylan:

  1. If you were a doctor, would you consider giving medical care to your family member?
  2. Did you understand the differences between physician anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists before reading the book? After reading the book?
  3. Examine the titles of the chapters in The Doctor and Mr. Dylan. Twenty-one of the twenty-eight titles are derived from Bob Dylan’s name, lines from Bob Dylan songs, or titles of Bob Dylan songs or albums. Can you identify these chapter titles and their origin?
  4. There’s an addictive rush in being a (rock n’ roll) performer. Have you experienced that feeling… the high Bobby Dylan and Nico Antone gain on stage?
  5. Johnson is the most common surname in Minnesota, a state with a large Scandinavian population. Bobby Dylan states, “I didn’t want to be the millionth Robert Johnson in this world, Doctor. Would you?” Would you feel the same way if you were the young Robert Johnson?
  6. Nico Antone twice writes, “Life is a series of choices.” Do you agree? To what degree can you choose your life? How much is fate? How much is God’s will?
  7. Are there any positive female roles in the book?
  8. If you had unimaginable wealth would you turn right to live in a beautiful sunny climate alone or turn left to return to the small town where you had friends?
  9. How many of you correctly deduced the identity of the murderer?


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